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Water Heater Repair

When NJ homeowners need a water heater repair plumber, they call Budget Rooter Plumbing Plus! for EMERGENCY service.

Our plumbers can repair water heater problems 7 days a week in our NJ service areas.

Plus! we promise 100% satisfaction to properly repair a water heater fueled by natural gas, electricity, propane, oil.

In short, we will do whatever it takes to repair a leaking water heater or broken water heater, as well replace and install a new water heater (tank only).


Common Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

tank water heater
When servicing conventional storage tank water heaters, our plumbers handle these common water heater repairs and maintenance tasks:
  • Drain Water Heater Tank
  • Insulate Water Heater Tank
  • Adjust Water Heater Pressure
  • Flush Water Heater Tank
  • Stop Water Heater Leaks
  • Adjust Water Heater Thermostat
  • Replace Temperature Relief Valves
  • Delime Water Heater Tank
  • Repair Water Heater Leaks
  • Descale Water Heater Tank
  • Replace Water Heater Dip Tube
  • Replace Water Heater Anode Rod