main sewer line clog removal service

Main Sewer Line Clog Cleaning

Our main sewer line clog removal service will completely clear any backed up main sewer line. Whatever is causing your main line sewer stoppage, our sewer cleaning pros will remove it.

We provide SAFE and FAST sewer cleaning of main line blockages 7 days a week with NO MESS.

Plus! we promise 100% satisfaction to properly clear a clogged main sewer line, and offer a warranty on parts and labor.

In short, we will do whatever it takes to get your main sewer lines flowing normal again!

Clearing Clogged Main Sewer Lines

clearing clogged sinkOur plumbers work safely and quickly when clearing clogged main sewer lines.

No object stuck inside a main sewer pipe is too difficult for us to remove because we use only the most durable and professional sewer clog removal tools.

Whether we need to use our hydro-jetters to flush away the clog, or insert our sewer drain snakes, we will clear the main sewer clog problem once and for all.

Plus! we will check the line is cleared using a video pipe inspection.

Suspect you have a main sewer line clog? Schedule a Budget Rooter Plumbing Plus! main sewer clog service visit today. Use our Zip Code Search on this page to see if we service your area. If you prefer to contact us online, fill out the Schedule Free Estimate form on this page. Or call us 7 days a week at 908-822-2004. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Warning Signs of Sewer Clogs

Early warning signs of sewer clogs in your main sewer line can include one of all of the following symptons:

  • Used water from your home drain system backs up after flushing or rinsing
  • Fixtures (toilets, sinks, bathtubs) back up up at the same time while in use
  • Water is visible in the sewer clean-out (water is flowing, overflowing, standing)
We recommend you leave it to our plumbers to investigate these warning signs further to determine whether you really have a main sewer line clog or just a common drain clog.

Sometimes we detect a main sewer clog by observing reactions between bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances.

  • Toilet flushing causes Bathtub back up
  • Sink draining causes Toilet fill up or bubbles
  • Dishwasher running causes Toilet overflow

The most common reason for a main sewer clog is tree roots growing into a main sewer line, or an object flushed down a toilet or rinsed down a sink is stuck in the actual drain line, not the trap. Sagging pipes, broken pipes, collapsed pipes, dislocated pipes could be another factor. Or a pipe build up of fats, oil, grease soldifiying in the line.

As mentioned before, we strongly recommend you let our plumbers diagnose early warning signs of main sewer clogs to determine the appropriate remedy that may include a “trenchless” or “no-dig” sewer repair method like pipe re-lining or pipe bursting or hydro jetting line restoration.