video camera pipe inspection

Sewer Pipe Inspection

With a sewer pipe inspection we can quickly reveal your sewer line problems without guess work (via a video inspection camera).

No more guessing whether your sewer line has clogs, collapses, cracks, tree roots. Using a high-performance SeeSnake® camera from RIDGID, we can spot with 100% accuracy the location of line blockages or line collapses instantly. Learn more about sewer pipe inspection benefits, and view image examples below.

Video Camera Inspection Benefits


A sewer pipe video inspection benefits anyone who wants 100% proof about what and where their sewer line problem is. No sewer line clog, collapse, crack, defect will go undetected by our techs when video inspecting your pipes.

Immediately after we insert our SeeSnake® camera into your pipe and it works its way further down, results of the pipe’s inner wall condition are displayed back on our color monitor in real time. If we spot a problem, we can pause the video camera and let it inspect further.

Own 100% proof with video camera inspection evidence.

Plus! a sewer pipe video inspection benefits anyone that needs documentation to provide a 3rd party, like an insurance company or landlord. You can request we provide you a multimedia evidence report of our inspection findings, including recorded video clips, still images, and notes in text and/or audio format.

Check your sewer pipes are 100% clog-free, crack-free, leak-free, root-free. Schedule a Budget Rooter Plumbing Plus! video inspection today. Use our Zip Code Search on this page to see if we service your area. If you prefer to contact us online, fill out the Schedule Free Estimate form on this page. Or call us 7 days a week at 908-822-2004.

Below are sewer pipe video inspection examples of still images of a badly damaged sewer pipe, crushed sewer pipe, broken sewer pipe, punctured sewer pipe, offset sewer pipe joint, sewer pipe tree roots.

Whether your pipe is 1 ½ inches or 4 inches in diameter, our video camera allows us to look inside to find any blockage or leakage problems. Using our state-of-the art inspection equipment from RIDGID, we can locate the bad section and recommend “no-dig” sewer repair solutions like pipe bursting, pipe-relining, or hydro jetting line restoration.

damaged sewer pipe video inspection Damaged Sewer Pipe
punctured sewer pipe video inspection Punctured Sewer Pipe
crushed sewer pipe video inspection Crushed Sewer Pipe
offset sewer pipe joint video inspection Offset Sewer Pipe Joint
broken sewer pipe video inspection Broken Sewer Pipe
sewer pipe tree roots video inspection Sewer Pipe Tree Roots