sink drain clog removal service

Sink Clog Removal

Our sink clog removal service will make any backed up sink or clogged sink drain like new. Within minutes your sink clog will be gone.

We provide SAFE and FAST drain cleaning of sink drain blockages 7 days a week with NO MESS.

Plus! we promise 100% satisfaction to properly clear a clogged sink drain, and offer a warranty on parts and labor.

In short, we will do whatever it takes to get your sink drain line flowing normal again!

Clearing Clogged Sinks

clearing clogged sinkOur plumbers work safely and quickly when clearing clogged sinks.

No object stuck inside a sink trap is too difficult for us to remove because we use only the most durable and professional sink clog removal tools.

Using various high quality drum augers, we go through the sink and down into the drain line underneath it to clear the clog.

We are careful not to scratch or damage your sink fixtures or bowl when working.

Got a clogged bathroom sink? Kitchen sink won’t drain? Schedule a Budget Rooter Plumbing Plus! sink clog service visit today. Use our Zip Code Search on this page to see if we service your area. If you prefer to contact us online, fill out the Schedule Free Estimate form on this page. Or call us 7 days a week at 908-822-2004.

Avoid Sink Clogs

Our plumbers best tips to avoid sink clogs in the first place depends on a number of factors. For example, for kitchen sinks we recommend you always use a drain strainer to catch any food scraps. Never pour fats, oil, grease down the sink drain.

If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, avoid grinding thick and sticky types of food, like banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, potato skins. If the garbage disposal gets clogged, the sink may overflow.

You can avoid bathroom sink clogs by cleaning your sink drain stopper of any hair, soap scum, and other gunk on a regular basis. Never pour fats, oil, grease down the bathroom sink too.

avoid garbage disposal clog Fats, Oils, Grease
sink clog removal hair Hair
sink clog removal banana peels Banana Peels
sink clog removal coffee grinds Coffee Grinds
sink clog removal potato skins Potato Skins
sink clog removal eggshells Eggshells